The Meaning of “Imagine” by John Lennon


The Misunderstood Meaning of Iconic John Lennon Song ‘Imagine’ Introduction In the vast landscape of music, certain songs transcend time and become everlasting anthems that encapsulate the essence of a generation. Among these musical treasures, few hold as much significance and cultural resonance as John Lennon’s iconic track, ‘Imagine.’ Released in 1971 as the title […]

Strawberry Fields Forever Meaning

Strawberry Fields

John wrote Strawberry Fields and to understand the lyrics you have to have an insight into John’s mind. What is the Strawberry Fields Forever meaning? It is a song of contradictions, of childhood memories fused with drug-induced hallucinations which blend together to form something quite surreal. As a child John wanted to be a poet […]

Why did Paul McCartney Write Let It Be?

Why did Paul Mccartney write Let it Be

In 1970 the Beatles released their twelfth and last studio album ‘Let It Be’ and the track of the same name was one of the singles released from the album. Whilst the song is credited (as with all Beatles songs) to Lennon and McCartney, it was actually written by Paul, but why did Paul McCartney […]

What is the song Yesterday about?

What is the song Yesterday about

The story behind ‘Yesterday’, one of the most popular Beatles tracks of all time, is an interesting one, including many firsts for the band, like it being a solo project and in its use of strings. Whilst, like most Beatles tracks, Lennon and McCartney are both credited with the song, it was in fact written […]