Beatles vs Pink Floyd: The Ultimate Battle Revealed!

Beatles vs Pink Floyd

Two of the biggest bands in music history, the Beatles and Pink Floyd, are often compared and debated by fans as to which is the ultimate band. But who truly reigns supreme? In this article, we will delve deep into the music, lyrics, and cultural impact of both bands to determine the winner of this ultimate battle.

The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin


The Beatles and Led Zeppelin are two of the most iconic bands in music history. But which one of them truly reigns supreme? Let’s dive in and compare their legacies.

The Beatles Wives & Girlfriends: The Women Behind The Fab Four

The Beatles Wives and Girlfriends

Few bands in history have left a cultural impact as enduring and significant as The Beatles. Their music, their style, and their personas have permeated through generations. Their influence stretches beyond the scope of music and into the realm of societal norms, fashion, and lifestyle. But behind these legendary figures were women – wives and […]

The Beatles Vs Elvis

Beatles and Elvis

When it comes to musical icons they don’t come much bigger than The Beatles and Elvis. Such huge figures in the 50s and 60s their presence is still very much felt today.  Their music is still played all over, it is still selling and the artists are just as significant as they ever were. The […]

The Beatles And Muhammad Ali: The Full Story

Muhammad Ali and Beatles

Most people have seen the photos of The Beatles and Muhammad Ali, but how did their meeting come about and what happened when they met? There are many different accounts online telling the story, but they all seem to contradict each other. You want the truth, right? In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what […]

The Beatles And The Beach Boys: The Rivalry That Drove Inspiration

Beatles and Beach Boys

The 1960s saw both The Beatles and The Beach Boys reach their musical peaks. Both bands enjoyed immense success on a global basis during this decade, but what were their opinions of each other? Did they see each other as inspiration, or as pure rivals? In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the relationship between […]

The Beatles & Bob Dylan: How they changed the world

The Beatles and Bob Dylan

Music icons are integral in the development of pop culture and history itself, most of us relate a history timeline to the music we heard and the bands we listened to at certain points in our lives. Some music icons were so significant they represented special moments in history and time and their presence and […]

The Beatles vs Rolling Stones – Which Band Comes Out On Top?

Beatles Rolling Stones

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are often referred to as two of the greatest bands of all time. Collectively, they released over 330 singles and secured 25 UK Number Ones. But who wins the battle of the bands when it comes to The Beatles vs Rolling Stones? Glarry Official Site – Musical Instruments & […]

The Beatles and Eric Clapton – the What, Why, Where & When

Eric Clapton & The Beatles

The Beatles and Eric Clapton first met in December 1964 whilst his band at the time, The Yardbirds, were supporting the fab four at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. This was the starting point for a long-lasting relationship which saw Eric recording with The Beatles, nearly joining the band and even swapping wives with George. A First Meeting […]

Yoko Ono and The Beatles

Yoko Ono and the Beatles

John Lennon’s relationship with Yoko Ono changed the course of The Beatles forever. Although the impact of Oko’s arrival on the group has been widely documented over the years, the actual relationship between Oko and the other three members of the band is still relatively unknown to many.  Yoko’s Arrival Yoko’s first interaction with any […]