The Beatles 1963 – Where It All Began & The Start Of Beatlemania

Beatles 1963

1963 was the year the Beatles exploded onto the mainstream music scene in the UK. In this year they released their debut LP titled ‘Please, Please, Me’, delivered a Royal command performance, as well as several high profile television appearances to name just a few high points. The year ended with their launch into superstardom […]

The Beatles In 1966 – As It Happened


1966 was a life-changing year for The Beatles. It was in 1966 that The Beatles completed their last scheduled live performance in the UK, as well as completing their final world tour. You could say that what happened to The Beatles in 1966 marked the beginning of the end for the band. Read on to […]

The Beatles – 1961


Whilst the final makeup of the Fab Four wasn’t complete until Ringo joined in 1962, many of the key elements of the band that were set to make them the global phenomenon they became, started to happen during 1961. It was a year in which they met the man that would manage them to their […]

The Beatles in 1964


1964 will be remembered as the year that the Beatles cracked America and the British invasion officially began, but it started with a Christmas show and then the first ever concerts in France. The year saw the band continue its gruelling touring schedule that would eventually burn them out by 1966 when they ended all […]

The Beatles 1965 – A Detailed Guide


1965 was a seminal year for the Beatles, taking the band from the Beatlemania period through to the second half of the decade, where the group delivered their most critically acclaimed music. Several key events happened this year, from the last ever UK tour through to the moment Lennon and McCartney began to lose control […]