The Beatles Heights

The Beatles heights

At one point the Beatles were all reported to be over 6ft tall, of course this is not true at all so let’s once and for all settle the score when it comes to how tall the Beatles all were.

The Beatles heights are as follows:

NameHeight in feet & inches
John Lennon5’10 1/2″
Paul McCartney5’10 1/2″
Geoge Harrison5’10”
Ring Starr5’8″
Stu Sutcliffe5’4″
Pete Best5’10”

According to some “official sources” John was taller than Paul but Paul was quoted in 2020 as saying the following:

How tall was Paul McCartney

The heights above are according to official Beatles biography and recorded statistics but it’s important to remember that sometimes the Beatles appeared to be different heights in their photoshoots and this is because of several different factors, read on.

The boys wore cuban heels that were 2 inches in height so this naturally lent to their height at the time if they were wearing them.

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Who was the tallest Beatle?

Officially the tallest Beatle is John Lennon but there has been some debate on whether this was exaggerated and in fact, Paul was slightly taller, no evidence is firm on this matter though and most “evidence” seems to come from whether Paul McCartney was replaced by a taller fake.

Who was the shortest Beatle?

It was poor old Ringo! If Stuart Sutcliffe had lived and stayed in the band then it would have been him standing at only 5 feet 4 inches compared to Ringo at 5 feet 8 inches.

Some interesting Beatles trivia regarding their height

  1. George had a growth spurt whilst in Hamburg. Being only 16 at the time he still had catching up to do compared to the other boys and grew whilst on their first visit.
  2. People claim that Paul McCartney died and was replaced a fake Paul. This “fake” Paul is claimed to be taller than the original Paul.

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