The Cavern Club Demolished

The original Cavern club was filled with rubble in 1973 and the warehouses above it demolshed. After the death of John Lennon in 1980 fans wanting to mourn descended upon Mathew Street in Liverpool but without any landmark to mark the “birthplace of The Beatles” they were to be disappointed.

Not long after this more and more people wanted to visit Liverpool to find out more about the history of The Beatles including the location of The Cavern Club. This set about a turn of events that eventually led to the Cavern Club being re-instated although as a replica.

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The new club was built using plans from the original club and today contains 70{d3f5f130a54d49c630bab19d7e14d23ad4295159b16804e10b5f34e348631755} of the same ground space but it is deeper underground than the original club.

This video below shows the newreel at that time of demolishing the original club.

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