A report set before Liverpool City Council in April 2018 recommended that a Cavern Quarter Spatial Regeneration Framework (SRF) is to be put into place for the areas in and around Mathew Street.

The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson,  said: “The Beatles are known the world over and not just by those who grew up with them; new audiences are discovering their music all the time and wanting to learn about the bands roots.

“The fact is we have a good Beatles tourism offer but it’s not at the level it could and should be – one that has a world class wow factor that reflects the band’s timeless genius and global impact. A lot of progress has been made in the past decade and this new masterplan will seek to build on that and give us the tools to enhance the 24-hour appeal of the area around The Cavern and Mathew Street.

“This is a unique opportunity to establish an experience no other city can offer and one which will sustain thousands of jobs in the hotel, retail and hospitality sectors for generations to come.”

The following is a list of recommendations that will see the area become protected from future development not related to improving the tourism experience with particular reference to tourism for The Beatles and The Cavern Club.

  • A more diverse mix of complimentary uses of buildings that operate 24-hours a day

  • An enhanced and more coordinated Beatles tourism offer with new visitor attractions and information/interpretation points

  • The redevelopment of derelict, under-used and undesirable sites

  • A comprehensive public art strategy for the ‘Cavern Quarter’

  • A way-finding strategy to make the ‘Cavern Quarter’ more legible and permeable

  • Active ground floor uses to create a more vibrant and inviting environment

  • Create a more defined and useable public open space

Mathew Street Financial Investment
Mathew Street to get financial Investment & future development protection in a bid to improve & sustain Beatles tourism