The connection between The Beatles and drugs is quite famous and much of their later music is said to have been influenced by it.

But did The Beatles smoke weed? Yes they did! You don’t have to be a super fan to know that The Beatles smoked weed – and lots of it.

The 1960s was an era when smoking weed was not only accepted but expected. The name ‘The Beatles’ is often used synonymously with the hippie culture and sexual/drug revolution. Plus, many of their members openly advocated for marijuana law reform.

Did they smoke weed before becoming a band? 

Rumour has it that The Beatles started smoking weed after meeting Bob Dylan. Most of the members used the substance a few times before that, however, none of those experiences had a major impact on the guys. It was Bob Dylan who ultimately changed the game. 

By March of 1965, John Lennon was admitting openly that he smoked the herb. In a segment from the book, “Eight Arms to Hold You,” he spoke about using marijuana and other drugs regularly. The most crucial time for getting high was, of course, while they were writing their songs. Many of their greatest hits were penned while someone was stoned. 

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How much did they smoke? 

It’s hard to say how much weed The Beatles smoked, but most people know that it was a lot. Interviews with Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison suggest the boys would partake before shows, on flights, and during rehearsals too. By all accounts, they were most likely stoned for the majority of their music careers. 

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FUN FACT: John Lennon once said that the band “smoked weed for breakfast,” and Paul McCartney once took his stash into Japan.

Do the remaining Beatles smoke weed now? 

It’s safe to say that the remaining Beatles are a little more laid back these days. Although none of them stopped smoking pot for good. Paul McCartney said he quit smoking to set a better example to those who looked up to him. 

Then and Now: How weed changed The Beatles forever 

In 1967, members of The Beatles started advocating for the legalization of marijuana. By 1969, Lennon was on the stand as a Supreme Court witness for the Marijuana Defense. A few years later in 1970, the band broke up because of the band’s destructive drug use and corporate filandering.

NOTE: Although Lennon’s drug of choice was heroin by then, critics can’t help but wonder if marijuana played the role of a gateway drug for the band.